With every business and every organization going digital, data storage and backing up of vital data have become increasingly very important. But let’s accept, in spite of taking this very important care data may lost, for a simple reason that a back up on a disk is also a storage and susceptible to loss. Well, that is where we come in. Vigna understands the importance of your data. Our data recovery solutions will help you to no end. Given our quality of service and commitment to the task, we are sure we are of great help to you in recovering data. We assure you that we do not charge any amount if we are unable to recover your lost data. It is important for us to value your satisfaction.

We have a well laid out protocol and methods to recover your data with a very high success rate. Vigna is led and managed by industry experts who have working experience with various data recovery situations which enable us to analyze and provide solution in shortest possible time. We ensure your data will be recovered usually within 2 working days and we also have an emergency package where the case will be taken up immediately. You will receive quote within 2 hours of our receipt of the hard disk.

We return recovered data either in pen drives or in hard disks, depending on the volume of data. Quality of service is of utmost importance to us. As far as the data safety and security concerned, at Vigna, no matter what kind of data a high degree of confidentiality maintained without compromise. Also we do not share your data with anyone and nor do we make copies of it, unless you need one. Moreover, should we fail to recover you data, which is highly unlikely; you will not be charged anything for it. For local corporate customers, Vigna has the facility of pick up and drop at your office, out station customers can very well ship the affected disk(s) to us