Complexity levels and charges

The charges levied at Vigna are based on complexity involved in a particular case. no charges levied for giving estimate, its free of charge at Vigna. If you are convinced about the price we undertake the recovery task. And we assure that, charges levied at vigna are reasonable and best in the industry.

Data recovery cost depends on the seriousness / type of the problem. In a few cases ( not all ) cost also depends on the size of the required data.

For Logical problems (in case of detecting / functional hdd ) the charges will be less . Examples for logical data recovery includes

formatted hard disk data recovery

deleted drive data recovery

missing files / folders data recovery

corrupted files data recovery

In a typical 1TB formatted hard disk data recovery cost may not exceed 3500rs

In case of physical data recovery ( dead / not detecting /hanging /clicking hard disks ) the recovery charges will be more.

Examples of physical data recovery cases

Not detecting hard disk data recovery

Dead / burnt hard disk data recovery

Hanging / slow responding hard disk data recovery

Clicking hard disk data recovery

Bad sectored hard disk

In the above cases charges depend on the problem like circuit issues , bad sector issues / media issues and also business ethics .

Typical 1Tb hard disk ( internal or external ) with circuit issues / bad sectored issues data recovery cost will be less than Rs.4500 in most of the cases.

In case of media issues where head / plotter replacement is needed then cost will be high .

A typical case of 1TB seagate external hard disk with clicking sounds and heads problem , the maximum cost may not exceed Rs,25000/-