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VIGNA Data Recovery Labs is a state of the art Data Recovery Company in Hyderabad that helps you get back your Lost Data. We have a Strong expert base who are dedicated to the cause of retrieving your missing data.

VIGNA has been serving it's customers in recovering their precious data with a very high success rate.

We strongly believe in critically analyzing the problem on case by case basis and following a methodical approach to provide solution as quickly as possible. The technology we use at VIGNA is well ahead of the times and not to mention about our commitment to quality and detail to produce the best results.

"Your Data will be in VIGNA's safe hands"

SAS Hard Disk Data Recovery

SAS(Serial Attached SCSI) Harddisks are usually used in servers configured in RAID

VIGNA is Well Equiped with infrastructure needed to connect and recover data from number of SAS HardDisks

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RAID Array Data Recovery

For Redundancy and Performance improvement, RAID configured Disk Array are used in the servers, NAS, SAN devices

VIGNA provides service to retrieve data from RAID 0 to RAID 10 from different Operating Systems like Windows, Linux and more..

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Encrypted Hard Disk Data Recovery

Encryption is used to protect ones important data from various threats. Encryptions may be a Bitlocker, Safeboot/EEPC(Endpoint Encryption for PC) and others.

VIGNA handled number of Encrypted HardDisks successfully not limited to encryptions mentioned above.

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NAS Data Recovery

NAS is usually configured in RAID 5 for redundancy and performance improvement. Hot Swappable SAS/ SATA are used in NAS units

VIGNA handles NAS units from QNAP, Buffalo, Western Digital and many more.

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Laptop Data Recovery

VIGNA handles Laptops which generally use 2.5 inches, 1.5 and 1 inch HardDisks.

Issues in Laptop Harddisks could be due to power failures, OS reinstallations, missing data, data corruption, encrypted Harddisks, physical accidents like Harddisk/laptop dropped from a height and many more..

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Desktop Data Recovery

Desktop Harddisks and external power supply Harddisks are generally 3.5 inch SATA.

General problems in Desktop Harddisks include logical issues(os reinstallations, data corruption, missingdata, formated and more) and physical issues(burnt hdds, dead hdds, bad sectored hdds, clicking hardisks and more).

VIGNA handles all Desktop Harddisks with high success rate.

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Hot swappable SCSI Harddisks Data Recovery

Hot swappable SCSI harddisks are used in old servers.

VIGNA handles hot swappable SCSI harddisks as well.

Data Recovery From Servers

Servers may use SAS, SATA or SCSI interfaces which are hot-swappable

Failure of multiple Harddisks in servers, server may not rebuilt failed Harddisks. In such situations data recovery is needed. Data recovery is also necessary for broken raid.

VIGNA handled numerous cases successfully and is well equipped with cutting edge technologies in the world.

Some of the servers handled by VIGNA are HP, IBM and many more..

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Data Recovery From Windows, Linux, MAC, VMWare

VIGNA handles recovery from various Operating systems environments like Windows, Linux, MAC , VMWare with different file systems like NTFS, EX2, EX3, EX4, UFS, HFS and more..

Problems could occur in situations like corrupted Harddisks, missing data, formatted Harddisks and others..

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